February 18, 2013

mean stinks


While, in New York we attended the IFB conference (Independent Fashion Bloggers) to brush up on some skills, learn more about blogging and network with other fashion bloggers. There, we met fashion blogger Emma from Tres Awesome, who introduced us to the  Mean Stinks campaign.  Mean Stinks is an anti-bullying campaign headed by Secret Deodorant.  Girls are "ganging up for good" by painting their pinky fingers blue and pinky swearing to having a drama-free year. At the time of this post, over 1. 2 million girls have sworn off bullying with their decorated pinky fingers.  Emma gave each of us an adorable kit that included a bottle of blue nail polish, and we were honored to participate in a campaign with a message that we can both relate to and we feel needs more attention.  We hope you all feel inspired to do the same and join us in swearing off bullying.

What are you waiting for? 
Dust off those bottles of blue nail polish and paint your pinkies!

 Show the love and share your pics on Instagram and tweet your photos by using #bluepinky to @meanstinks.

some pictures c/o meanstinks.com

fox + gypsy 


  1. I am totally going to do this!!! LOVE!



    1. Yes! Spread the word. You should visit the official MeanStinks website. It's a really great campaign!

      x fox + gypsy