February 15, 2013

A few of our favorite things

                Heartland Underdog and Lace&Dagger inside the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week tents
new york graffitti
NYC dive bars in between shows and events

having some fun with Nylon Magazine
Enjoying some  new Ever Eden jewelry
Bare Essentials makeovers
reppin our CLRMNSTR jewelry
Taxi? Kate Spade gloves
site seeing in between shows

Front row at the runway shows Nautica and Ivana Helsinki
Girls Brunch With Alicia Frailey
marking our territory in NEMO
staying fashionable warm

Alex and Ani photobooth fun
belated birthday gifts

Along Livne presentation
Samantha Pleet showrooms (NEED this suit)
little cupcake shops around the corner
reunited in the Big Apple
a week in paper

We had a fabulous journey in New York for Fashion Week with Heartland Underdog and Lace&Dagger. We wanted to share more than just a few of our favorite things today.  If you've been following our journey, thanks for joining us!

See you next week!
fox + gypsy


  1. So. Much. Great. Stuff.
    Looks like you had a blast.
    Great nails, outfits and (taxi) mittens.

    1. Thanks Jess! NYFW was a blast. It doesn't seem real to be back home.

      Thanks for stopping by our page!

      Xx fox + gypsy

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