January 23, 2013

vintage honey

One of our favorite hobbies is thrift shopping. We have accumulated multiple treasures over the years that are too good not to share.  Just like honey, these pieces never go bad, and add the perfect amount of sweetness to the home, or our closets.

For the most part, our thrifted items function as intended- like a cozy sweater or a unique necklace. However, many times we find new ways to repurpose items that are more functional to our lifestyle. We use old shutters to sort mail and hold photographs and other memorable items. The antique teapot is often used as a centerpiece with flowers. The gold monocle necklace I wear with several outfits, seen here, and of course it's a functional magnifying glass: All the better to see you with my dear!

fox + gypsy

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  1. This is so sweet! I too adore thrift shopping...it's become an addiction!