January 1, 2013

twenty-twelve time capsule

2012 was a year of awakenings. We traveled to places we've never been, met strangers who became the friends we never knew we needed, launched fox + gypsy and realized everything happens for a reason. Throughout the year we have been saving pieces of our trips, experiences and adventures to put in a most fitting place: a vintage suitcase. The capsule will house the memories of one of the most momentous years and a reminder that 2013 will be even more exceptional. 

Cheers to new adventures!

fox + gypsy


  1. you girls are amazing! i love reading your blog and checking your pictures out on insta :) I loved meeting you ladies at alicia and drew's wedding...please let me know when you travel to NYC - would love to meet up with you all! xo ash

  2. I find this post super adorable! Happy New Year!