December 6, 2012

what a girl wants

{the entertainer}
 {the laid-back guy}
 {the refined}
{the adventurer}
{the boy next door}
{...the boy next doors' older brother}
{the rebel}

We admire (and sometimes envy) the simplicity of guy's style; a great pair of fitted jeans a shirt plus that added staple piece of personality. There are many characteristics of a mans' style we find attractive that it's impossible to celebrate just one. We love the elusiveness of the refined, but the quirkiness and confidence of the entertainer.  And what girl doesn't fawn over that the devil-may care attitude of the rebel, and that effortless and friendly appeal of all of the boys next door. Oh la la

Which one is your favorite? 

fox + gypsy


  1. I am torn between the laid back guy and the rebel.

    1. I know! Except I am totally digging guy nexus doors older brother for sure!