December 17, 2012

velvet gift box


Today for our holi'DIY', we wanted to share a fun way to add an extra personal touch to your gifts this year.  We turned an old shoe box into a unique gift box.

what you need:
shoe box
fabric and/or wrapping paper
fabric mod podge

how to make:
First, start by taking your fabric or paper of choice and laying it out on a flat surface.  Take the lid of your shoe box and square it up on your fabric or paper. You can measure this next step out or you can eyeball it.  Cut around the perimeters of your lid leaving enough room to cover all of the sides. Coat the top surface with mod podge and press down the fabric or paper, smooth out any areas as necessary.You can mod podge the inner edges and tuck in all your excess fabric or paper, or if you would like, cut off any excess.  Repeat steps for the bottom of your box. 

fox + gypsy

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