December 12, 2012

silver & gold

We have been fortunate enough to have great weather {so far} this winter. Today was the first day we actually needed a heavy jacket. Hence, we've finally had more time to work on some indoor projects- for our holi'DYI' posts!

Today, we revamped some clear glass ornaments from our local craft store with just some simple tinsel and tinsel garland.

what you'll need:
a box of clear glass {or plastic} ornaments
tinsel garland

how to make:
This project is very simple.  First you will need to remove the cap of the ornament.  Next, take your scissors and cut the tinsel or garland into smaller pieces to fit into the top of your ornament.  Take you tinsel and place it into the top opening of the ornament.  We found that during this step you made need a tool to help stuff some of the tinsel down into the bulb.  We used a pen for this.  When you are done putting your tinsel into the ornament {you can put as much or as little as you'd like} take the top of the ornament you removed in step one and place it back on the top.  

These make excellent gifts or stocking stuffers, or, perfect to make for your own decoration collection!

Happy Holi-DIYing!

fox + gypsy

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