December 3, 2012

Apple Pie Whiskey

As much as we like all things girly, we've decided to dedicate this week to the men. We are starting off 'Gentlemen's Week' with a holi'DIY version of apple pie bourbon c/o David Friederich. The drink takes a few weeks to fully develop all of the flavors so if you are planning on gifting this, start this week so it will be ready to drink by Christmastime. Enjoy!

A "fifth" of Bourbon Whiskey
1 tsp. nutmeg
four or more green apples
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1/4 c. simple syrup (recipe below)

How to:

In a large, airtight container add the nutmeg, bourbon, vanilla extract and sliced apples. We allowed these ingredients to infuse and mix for the first week. Store at room temperature, this allows the flavors to fully release and mix. A few days before you are about to serve, add cinnamon. We used two sticks, but feel free to use as much or as little as you want. Strain the liquor into a different bottle and add the simple syrup. It is now ready to serve!

Simple Syrup: two parts sugar, one part water. We used a cup of sugar and a half of a cup of water. Heat the water until sugar dissolves. We saved the unused syrup for another liquor infusion we hope to share later on.

fox + gypsy

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  1. You can use the same recipe to make an apple pie spiced rum if you prefer