November 21, 2012

gold leaf

One of my favorite colors is gold, as seen here and here, and during the holiday season it has become more prevalent in my wardrobe and beauty routines. Here is a look I am coveting at the moment.

What you'll need:

gold leaf- available at craft stores like Michael's
top coat

The best way to start for this manicure is with clean, dry hands. Gold leaf is very fragile and will crumble easily, so this is also where the qtips and tweezer come in handy. The gold leaf can be cut into shapes or applied as is. With tweezers apply the gold leaf where you'd like it and run the qtip over to smooth it to your nail. I think it works best when your nails are still tacky from your base coat.  To finish, apply with topcoat.

fox + gypsy

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