October 22, 2012

pretty little things

you will need: 
scissors, a pair of socks, a fabric of your choice, and either sewing materials or fabric glue

how to make:
1. take your fabric of choice and cut two strips of the same size to make your bow.  This will depend on how big you would like your bows to be.
2. take your strips of fabric and make a bow
3. make the bow nice and pretty by cleaning up edges or cutting any unwanted strings or fabric
4.  take your socks, and fold them a couple of times down to make them meet the ankle (make sure both socks are even)
5. Take your bow and apply it to the back of the sock at the top of the ankle.  You can do this by either sewing it on, or you can also use a good fabric glue.


fox + gypsy

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