September 19, 2012

Sweater Scarf

I love fall for many reasons, but one of my favorites is the chilly scarf weather.  Scarves are great layering peices and add a cozy look to any outifit.  This DIY is an easy way to make a statement this season. 

What you will need: any old sweater, preferably an oversized one, and a pair of scissors

What you do:
1. Lay out your sweater so that the bottom hems are lined up
2. Pick how thick you would like your scarf to be. Personally, the thicker you cut it the better because it is easier to keep cutting the material as you cannot add it back once its been cut.
3. Cut straight across the entire sweater (from left to right, or right to left).
4. You should be left with a circular, or 'infinitiy' piece of sweater, and then the top portion including the arms.
5. Depending on how jagged the edges are, you can hem up the end that you cut along. Most sweaters won't give you too much trouble in that department and cut pretty cleanly.
6. Get creative! There are many different ways to personalize your scarf; you can add buttons, fringe, etc. I decided to sew two different sweater scarves together.  I used a mustard yellow openstitch sweater and a vintage intarsia sweater.
7. You can even wear the now cropped sweater as a layering piece. If you are unhappy with the edge, just re-hem!

There are two different kinds of scarves that you can make from this project depending on the size and weight of the sweater.  Smaller sweaters are going to give you more of a 'snood' style scarf.  A snood scarf are the ones that when worn, look like a cowl neck.  A bigger, more oversized sweater, like the one I used, is going to give you more options.  You can wear them long, or you can also wear these in a snood style.

I recommend checking out your local thrift store in the men's sweater section, it's a goldmine!

fox + gypsy

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