September 20, 2012

Ice, Ice Baby

Pumpkin spice coffee with vanilla creamer cubes

iced tea with lemonade & berry cubes

We love tea and coffee and when we have some spare time and ingredients, we like to remix them. For our coffee version, we chose to do a seasonal pumpkin spice coffee with vanilla creamer ice cubes. We poured our creamer of choice in the ice tray and let it freeze over night. There is nothing worse than an iced coffee that has been watered down by melted ice, so this is a great way to keep your coffee cold and add extra flavor.

For the tea, we chose blueberries and raspberries and froze them into lemonade. We used a lemonade concentrate and it added just enough flavor and sweetness to the tea. They were even great by themselves as mini popsicles.

fox + gypsy

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