September 10, 2012

fall bag essentials

fox's essentials

  • Michael Kors tote
  •  Rosebud Salve, MAC lipstick in 'Creme d' Nude' and L'oreal balm in 'Heavenly Berry'
  • fox wallet; Target
  • sparkly pen; swarovski
  • playing cards; urban outfitters
  • MAC compact
  • olive wayfarers; Ray-Ban
  • Neutrogena make-up remover wipes
  • leopard pouch; Betsey Johnson

gypsy's essentials

  • purse; Steve Madden
  • panasonic headphones; urban outfitters
  • round blue sunglasses; vintage
  • gold jewelry; vintage
  • bobby pins
  • birdie iphone cover; Ted Carpenter
  • pink and coral lipsticks; Covergirl and e.l.f
  • giftcards for fall shopping (and the starbucks to get your through it)
  • and of course, my Sony DSLR camera (which was in use)

Since we are always out and about, most of the items in our bags get along well with our lifestyles.  Both of these totes are perfect for traveling, amongst the above items we can also fit a small sweater and ipad. We both tend to keep several lip products for quick color changes and a compact for touch-ups.  The leopard bag holds several pairs of earrings, gold bangles and outfit changing necklaces for whatever situation that may require an outfit enhancer. The playing cards come in handy at parties, bars and even airports when we've exhausted ours eyes on the ipad.  Every girl should always have bobby pins handy, your never know when the weather is not going to allow you to keep your hair how you had originally planned.  

fox + gypsy

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  1. Oh to be young! No aspirin, stomach meds, dental floss...not even breath mints lol