August 28, 2012

in good company

This past Monday was definitely a manic one. It has been busier than normal this time of year and stress is high. We were delighted to be asked to meet for dinner and (much needed) drinks with one of our closest friends from high school who has spent much of the last few years with her adorable growing family in Italy, Idaho and now North Dakota. Our few hours we spent sharing stories and catching up erased the stress of the day and we seemed to forget that any time had passed at all. As time has gone on, lots of friends have 'drifted' to other places. It's funny how you can be apart from someone for so long, and pick up like they never left at all. There really is no greater feeling. In high school, we'd always talk about the current moment, and the "what will I be doing in five years" moment. Although, we may have never imagined this is where our lives would take us, we can't help but think that somehow, someway, we were meant to be exactly where we are, even if it's just for now.   

"The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart."- Elisabeth Foley

fox + gypsy


  1. Perfect. That's exactly how it is, too. I've found so many friends on FB that I hadn't seen in soooooo many years! Some I didn't even know if I'd we'd EVER make contact again....I owe a lot to Zuckerberg!