August 8, 2012

DIY: Animal Print Boots

It's finally my favorite season of the year; Boot season!  Not that I put them away for the summer by any means, but its finally time to consider some new additions to my closet.  But, before I go and try to eliminate anything, I like to entertain the idea of revamping them to be  'good-as-new'.  I found this pair of chocolate brown leather boots I had picked up at a thrift store awhile ago but just never wore as much as I had anticipated.  So, instead of tossing them to the wayside, I decided to give them a second chance and turn them into leopard printed boots.

To do this, you will need: Sandpaper or Scissors (anything to score the original surface of the boot), and a couple of permanent coloring options.  I chose to use a black ink pen and a black Sharpie.

1. Take your scoring object (i used sandpaper and scissors) and begin to rough the surface of the boot to wear it down.
2. Take your marking tool and start to create your animal print design.  I decided to go with a leopard print here.
3. After you have placed your design, go over the markings lightly with sand paper.  This is to give the boot a more worn look so that the marker is not so defined.
4.  After you have created a look you are satisfied with, you can touch up any detailing with the marking tools or sandpaper to smooth any rough areas.
5.  When you are done, it may be a good idea to go over your work with any type of finishing or waterproof spray!


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  1. That is truly ingenious! Very clever! I love it! :)