August 3, 2012

A few of our favorite things: LA

Sharing stories with new friends at the Banana Bungalow, West Hollywood
Understanding life's too short to be anything but yourself
 Spending an hour picking out the perfect character hat during our day trip to Disney
LANA; traveling far distances to catch a once in a lifetime concert
An eerie Elvis Presley cover artist at Disney's Tomorrowland
Acting our age, enjoying our youth at the happiest place on earth  

Our trip to Los Angeles was short, but not a minute was wasted. The second we landed, we jumped on a shuttle and headed straight to Disneyland to spend the entire day in the park. Later, properly ending the night dancing in Downtown Disney's town square. We were also lucky enough to be in the audience of Lana Del Rey's first big US concert, the show exceeded our expectations, she is purely stunning. It's trips like these that make the biggest impact on us, the ones that make us feel alive.

fox + gypsy

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