July 30, 2012

Fairfax Flea Market

{ repurposed frames, tables and door art }
{ 'Alice in Wonderland' sidewalk chalk art }
{ Melrose Ave. view }
{ leather goods }
{ vintage shoes that were hung in the fence wire }

{ a new piece for my animal collection by 'flea market girl' }

Whilst in West Hollywood, we stumbled upon a flea market at Fairfax and Melrose. We had just spent much of the morning on buses and taxis jutting around to check into our accommodations early to make the most of our day. The Fairfax Flea Market/Melrose Trading post had many treasures--hundreds of vintage boots, denim cut-offs, jewelry and stunning housewares. We spent all afternoon wandering lustfully to each booth, collecting gems and vintage pieces to add to our collections.

{ antique chair benches }
{ vintage bow }
{ charm necklaces }
{ thrifty wall art }

{ our thrifting shoes for the day }
{vintage vanity chair }

+ fox and gypsy

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 fox + gypsy

July 27, 2012

a very {foxy} birthday

{Me in my favorite dress at my birthday party in 1992}

{Destination this year: Wrigleyville}

{A little lace birthday dress by Free People}

{Sprinkle nails: Essie's 'French Affair' and OPI's 'Rainbow Connection'}


{Chicago essentials: new shades of pink and CAKE dry shampoo}

{ sweet home CHICAGO}

Every year on my birthday I used to wear the same dress that was covered in rainbow-colored  jewels (seen in image one). This year I will be spending my birthday in Chicago with my friends from childhood, high school and college. Although I cannot wear my sparkly denim dress, my birthday will be inspired by the above images, which are equally birthday-esque.

"Although I may age, my heart and soul will remain forever 


July 26, 2012

Fields of Lace

Featured: Forever 21 Lace Romper; Tan suede fringe sandals by Minnetonka; Black felted floppy hat by Deena and Ozzy
Vintage neutral crochet pullover


July 25, 2012

Pep Squad

Featured: Black Lace Crochet top, Pins and Needles Urban Outfitters; Black Peplum Skirt, Marshall's;  Black leather wedge harness booties, Deena and Ozzy; Printed Lace Sunglasses, Valentino; Black lace bralette, Urban Outfitters


July 24, 2012

Vanity Fare

Iron perfume tray

Hand mirror and decorating books

Bust jewelry stand

repurposed birdcage

Antique ceramic bowl for sunglasses

A Foxy Vanity Fare: My vanity is parallel to my style; vintage glam. The bowl, birdcage, and branch-detailed brass mirror are all vintage pieces.  The bowl holds my hefty sunglass collection, but only a few pairs are in heavy rotation for  this summer. My Voluspa candles are nested in the middle of the cage, and their scents are beautiful when lit together or individually. The bust is a great centerpiece to my vanity (a gift given to me by Emily),  and it often gets the most use of my biggest, brightest pieces. Much like my personal style, my vanity is always evolving, collecting and rotation.

Repurposed barrel vanity seat

Every girl loves a little makeup

Repurposed antler jewelry holder

Antique brass mouse as a ring holder

Antique brass deer to display earrings

 A Gypsy Vanity Fare: My vanity is much like my personal style; Vintage Boheme. I love the various juxtapositions in my vanity displays; touches of beauty with edgy elements.  It's relative to my personal style; a very vintage feel with a little bit of modern flair.  It is adorned with brass animal jewelry holders, antlers with floral pops and antique wine and perfume bottles.

                                                                                                                             fox + gypsy